275 lbs – I think I’m going to live…

A few things have changed since I last wrote…

For starters I went from feeling like I’d been beaten with a hammer after a workout to actually starting to feel… wait for it… not so bad! If you thought I was going to say good, I’m just not there yet. But it’s coming! Granted, I’m still not going full out, but I’m picking up a little more steam every day and it’s starting to show. I’m down 12 pounds since I started 6 weeks ago. I’ve only been working out for 3 of those weeks.

“Here to work out, eh? Let me fetch my hammer.”

So how am I having this slow but constant success?

Monday Gym – bench, incline, stomach press, curls, lat pulldowns and lat pushups. No legs yet, it seems any sort of leg lifting turns my sciatica into psychotica. In due time I’ll work in the legs and more upper body. I finish off each lifting session with 20-30 minutes of treadmill.

Tues – rest

Wed – Cardio at home with the gazelle. I go 10 min on and 10 min off for a total of 30 minutes on. This takes a full half of basketball on TV. According to the gazelle this is about 400 calories burned. Running only burns a little over half that. I highly recommend the gazelle.

Thurs Gym – see above. After a couple months I’ll change things up. But for now I’m sticking with this.

Fri – try not to erase all my work by stuffing pizza in my head.

Sat – see Friday.

Sun – see Saturday.


Breakfast: 1 cider max, 2 hard boiled eggs

Mid morning snack: low fat yogurt

Lunch: salad with eggs and lunch meat added, vinaigrette dressing, snap peas or dehydrated peas or vegetable chips, cottage cheese. Anything low fat and low flavor, you get the idea.

Mid Afternoon Snack: 1 cider max, a banana or apple or carrots, but not all 3.

Supper: 2 carb busters, and whatever we’re having as a family, just not a lot of it. I usually start with a small serving and follow that up with an even smaller serving. I’m tricking myself into thinking I’m getting seconds. I hope I don’t read this and find out what I’m up to!

Before bed: Nature’s Youth RSF

The weekend is a different animal. It’s just not viable to expect anyone to eat salad 7 days a week. So I stick with my supplements but go off track with my daily routine. I generally treat myself to pancakes. But instead of devouring 4 like I did before, I limit it to 2 and hold off on the butter. Most of the time this serves as both my breakfast and lunch. I work in a mid afternoon snack of veggie chips or fruit. Then it’s whatever we’re having for supper as a family, again just not overdoing it.

So, as you know there’s no secret to losing weight. Burn more calories than you take in, pretty simple formula.

Thing is that can be pretty miserable, especially for a 270+ growing boy like me! I’ve done this diet plan in the past and it’s worked but I always fall off because I give in to the hunger and lack of energy. I don’t seem to be feeling that this time around. I actually have MORE ENERGY than I did before and I’m not all that hungry! The only difference this time around is the supplements I’m taking, everything else is the same. It’s no wonder we have such a loyal following with the RSF, cider max, and carb buster. This combo really IS legit!

I’m excited to keep going with my new found weapons. Tune back in when I no doubt will have more weight loss to report!

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