Everything You Need to Lower Cholesterol Levels Can Be Found in Nature

Cholesterol Lowering Supplements

Also called the silent killer, high cholesterol has been responsible for an alarming number of deaths and yet nobody seems to be worried about the condition that is staring them in the face. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 800,000 people in the US die from cardiovascular disease each year, and if you think that it’s a disease only for old people consider that about a quarter of that total are under the age of 65.This is not something to scoff at and if you are at risk, take cholesterol lowering supplements immediately.

Expensive condition

Hypertension and high cholesterol are costing taxpayers a lot of money since the treatment, according to the CDC, “accounts for $1 in every $6 U.S. health dollars spent.” But patients have been fed with the idea that only prescription medicines can manage high LDL levels sold by big pharmaceuticals at very high prices, which make them prohibitive to a lot of the patients.

Natural way to manage cholesterol


You can actually manage your risk of cardiovascular diseases by taking supplements for cholesterol. Regardless of the technology and the new findings, there’s some truth to the idea that everything has an antidote that can be found in nature. There’s no need to put synthetic drugs that are manufactured in some laboratory into your body when nature’s concoction will do.

Active ingredients

Cholesterol Defense by Nature’s Youth, one of the best supplements to lower cholesterol in the market today, contains niacin (Vitamin B3) which can be dissolved so you need to replenish niacin regularly.  What it does is to lower triglycerides as well as boost the production of HDL. Plus niacin in combination with policosanol, cayenne, Plant Sterol Compex and garlic, helps you avoid the hardening of the arterial walls which allow your heart to work double time to circulate the same amount of blood through the hardening intestines.

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