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As we age, some cognitive deterioration is normal, but this decrease in the ability to focus and access both short-term and long-term memories can be troubling to adults of all ages. To boost memory function and enhance attention spans, LA Nutrition has formulated Memory Defense, a natural and effective supplement for helping the brain to function at it’s peak potential. Gingko biloba has been hailed as a powerful memory agent, improving concentration and clearing distracting mental fog. Those with sleep difficulties or especially stressful careers may benefit from this blend as well, as it works to keep the mind on task and efficient in cognitive processing. Acetyl-L-carnitine and L-Glutamine are included for their ability to enhance intellectual systems and decrease neurological degeneration. DMAE Bitartrate has also been linked to successful treatment of memory deficiencies and works seamlessly with the other ingredients for a comprehensive boost to overall mental clarity and concentration.

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