287 lbs – Time for a Change

I can tell you exactly when I decided to let myself go…

It’s when I jumped on the scale and for some reason I decided 240 “wasn’t so bad.” Fast forward 10 years and the scale had the nerve to show 255! I was officially on the downhill slide to 300 pounds! Stupid scale is stupid I thought to myself. I also thought I should probably start doing something about it.

So I dieted. I lost 20 pounds. I stopped dieting. I gained 30 pounds. A year later I did the same thing, lost 20 and gained 30. I was convinced that if I hadn’t started dieting in the first place I would still be 255 instead of the 287 I am today!

My name is Drew, I am a 43 year old graphic designer from Iowa. I’m actually the web designer for Nature’s Youth. Now before you close this out because you don’t need another BS sales pitch. Let me tell you that I am actually a real person that is going through real struggles with my weight. This blog is not only intended to motivate me, but also motivate anyone out there that can relate to my intro paragraph.

Man I loved basketball. Here’s me 18 years ago receiving an entry pass in front of a double team. I don’t remember what happened on this play but I would guess I dribbled to my right, gave a pump fake, and hit my teammate on his cut to score. My teammate in the background is my friend Chris, we were always on the same page, if you played us we would out work you, out muscle you, and out hustle you. We would venture to different towns and challenge anyone to games of 2 on 2. In all the years we played we never lost a game. Seriously, we never got beat, and people noticed.

One night we were tipping back a few at a neighboring town’s watering hole when a couple locals approached us. It was like a scene from an old western, “heard you guys are good, have never been beat.” “You heard right, friend, we’re the best around.” But instead of a starting a brawl we headed to the court at 1:00 a.m. to settle things. We ran those chumps off the court 11-3. That was the last game I ever played with my friend Chris. Life changed and more important things took over, I started a family, started a business, and stopped playing. I would never trade what I have now for basketball, but I am mad at myself for not finding a way to stick with it all these years like Chris has. The only basketball I have now is the one I carry around in my midsection!

After 3 failed diets.

This is me now, about 60 pounds heavier. I’m officially a fat guy. But I am officially doing something about it! I realize I’ll never again be the guy in the first photo, but there’s still time for me to get on the right track heading into my 50’s.

As I mentioned before, I’ve tried on 3 other occassions. This time I have a different game plan and have different things that motivate me.

 3 things that make it different this time:

1. Not wanting to die motivates me. Two of my older brothers are sick. One is diabetic because of his weight, even though he weighs less than me! The other was diagnosed with lymphoma about a month ago. He is literally in a balls to the wall fight for his life with cancer, just as my Dad did, who lost his life after a 15 year bout with the disease. Sooo… getting cancer is a real thing for me. Will losing weight keep the cancer away? No. But having my body in the best shape possible WILL help me FIGHT it. I need to be ready if/when it happens.

I also have high blood pressure, major back problems, and suffer from gout. All in all I’m pretty miserable most of the time. Time to alleviate all of it.

2. I joined a gym and set aside 2 nights per week to work out. In the past I would lift on our weight machine in the basement. It seemed one thing would lead to another and pretty soon 9:00 pm rolled around and my motivation was gone. So I think a very important step for me was to set aside a time that is just for working out. On Monday and Thursday I’m supposed to be at the gym at 5:00 pm. I’m able to keep my other appointments so this one should be no different.

3. Supplements. (Oh gawd here comes the sales pitch)
My company has been designing for Nature’s Youth for about 8 years now. Nature’s Youth has been an amazing company to work with.  Some of the projects include collecting testimonials. So for 8 years I’ve read about how people just loved the RSF and how much energy it gave them. So I started taking it about a week ago every night before bed. I can’t say right now that I’m bouncing off the walls with energy, but I am starting to wake up easier in the morning. I CAN notice that. So I would say early on that yes, it is giving me a boost.

I’m also taking the Cider Max. My wife swears by apple cider vinegar, she’s always trying to dump that toxic swill down my gullet for this ailment or that. I’m not sure if making me gag is supposed to fix anything or if she just likes the laugh. Either way she says apple cider vinegar helps her, it must because nobody would voluntarily drink that crap. Luckily Nature’s Youth has it in capsule form!

So those 3 things are the difference makers this time. I really feel like this is my last chance. Either get it together or I’ll be looking back years from now with horrible regret.

Feel free to follow along, shoot me an email, we might be able to motivate each other.

Here I am with my beautiful wife at the start of my weight gain. Would LOVE to be 240 again! And yes, my wife still likes me even though I’m a disgusting blob of a man now, lol.



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